Study Guides & Treatises

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Now that you’re a few weeks in to this new academic year, and with a long weekend ahead, it’s time to talk study guides and treatises. These supplements can be extremely helpful when it comes to understanding your course materials. These materials can explain the law, often with more detail than provided by a casebook. (Note: they are not a substitute for doing your assigned reading.)

By all means, search the catalog to find the precise study guide you seek. But most of you may not know the exact title or author of a study guide or treatise that you think might be helpful. Should that be the case, use the Law Library’s guide to Guides by Subject. This guide lists over 60 subject areas. By expanding the subject area of your choosing, you will see links to subject-specific resources, which can include study guides and treatises both in the law library and available online, and links to other guides.



Law Libraries’ Catalog

Rutgers Law.

What you saw and what you know: This (new) institution was formed by the merging of Rutgers Schools of Law in Camden and Newark.

What you didn’t see and what you may not know: the task of merging was taken on by the law libraries of each individual institution, as well, to form one unified law library and catalog.

What does that mean for our patrons? More resources!

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That’s right, the merging of the law school libraries enables greater sharing of resources between the Camden and Newark campuses. Members of the law school community will be able to view the holdings of both libraries, and even check out those resources, through the unified catalog. Members of the Camden community who would like an item that lives in the Newark Law Library location should simply place a “Hold” on the item while logged in to the system. Please note that the “Hold” feature only applies to generally circulating materials. Users will be notified by the system if their hold request cannot be processed.

Sharing of resources is not limited to books and library materials, however; members of the Camden campus are encouraged to reach out to Newark librarians with any questions that arise.

Tech in the Library!

The Law Library in Camden is happy to bring you scanners! IMG_0604

There are 2 scanners throughout the library:

  1. on the circulation desk, and
  2. beyond the reading room, next to the student printer.

These scanners will scan documents to:

  1. a flashdrive,
  2. an email account,
  3. print.

Each scanner comes with a user-friendly touch screen interface with a wizard to guide you through the scanning process with ease!

Don’t forget that we also have a microforms scanner that enables you to view any number of our holdings that exist on microfilm or microfiche.