The U.K. Statute Law Database

The U.K. Statute Law Database (SLD) is the official revised edition of the primary legislation of the United Kingdom. The SLD is the official collection of all acts in force, as amended. It contains all acts since 1235 and incorporates all amendments that add to or change the language of the original act. You can search acts by title, year and number. You can also search both an alphabetical and chronological index of statutes. This database provides an on-line alternative to Halsbury’s Statutes of England and Wales which we have in the library. One of the most important features of the database is that it provides an alternative to the Is It In Force volume of Halsbury’s Statutes. The SLD contains commencement, repeal and amendment information for all acts. Acts of Parliament are required to be “in force” before they are considered to be the law of the land.