Study Guides & Treatises

eande nutshell

Now that you’re a few weeks in to this new academic year, and with a long weekend ahead, it’s time to talk study guides and treatises. These supplements can be extremely helpful when it comes to understanding your course materials. These materials can explain the law, often with more detail than provided by a casebook. (Note: they are not a substitute for doing your assigned reading.)

By all means, search the catalog to find the precise study guide you seek. But most of you may not know the exact title or author of a study guide or treatise that you think might be helpful. Should that be the case, use the Law Library’s guide to Guides by Subject. This guide lists over 60 subject areas. By expanding the subject area of your choosing, you will see links to subject-specific resources, which can include study guides and treatises both in the law library and available online, and links to other guides.



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