Google for Lawyers is on Reserve! [updated!]


Photo taken by Charlotte Schneider

Most of us use Google or some other search engine nearly every day to look up anything and everything for our personal and professional needs and curiosities.  With all that use, it’s easy to think of yourself as an expert, even if there is even more to learn!

To help you become an even better online legal researcher, the law library has put Google for Lawyers: Essential Search Tips and Productivity Tools on reserve! Google for Lawyers is published by the ABA and covers both novice and advanced search and management tips and strategies that can enhance your research and productivity. Even better, you can learn about some of the services offered by Google that can help you manage your work and your practice, like Google’s free office applications, tools and databases.

Trial preparation is so much more than finding relevant case law and statutes; it is about finding out facts about the case, the parties, and the witnesses. This book can enlighten you about how to do this kind of fact investigation more effectively and efficiently. Google for Lawyers also includes stories from lawyers illustrating how they have used these tips and strategies in their practice.

Some similar titles in our collection include:

  • Find Info Like a Pro
  • The Lawyer’s Guide to Fact Finding on the Internet
  • They Cybersleuth’s Guide to the Internet

If you have any questions about these titles, or about search tips and strategies in general, please stop by the Reference desk and a librarian will be happy to assist you. To check the status of this title, click here. Just a note: the law library has recently acquired the updated, 2012 edition of this title 2013 edition of Google Gmail and Calendar in One Hour for Lawyers, another ABA publication that includes commentary from attorneys, which will also be put on reserve.

One more thing to note: Google, itself, has responded to this demand for better research skills by offering their own courses. Power Searching With Google has been popular for allowing participants to hone their research skills at their own pace. These search tricks and tips are just that; should you decide to start a Power Searching with Google course, make sure to keep in mind how the tools and processes that you’re learning can be applicable when conducting your legal research, as well.

Written by CDS


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