New Jersey Legal (& Local) News

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As a legal professional, it’s a good idea to stay up-to-date with current events within your local community and area of practice.  Legal newspapers or periodicals will inform you of relevant court decisions, the emergence of new laws, changes to existing laws, and may also include substantive legal articles written by experts in their fields (and sometimes, gossip).  Our local source for this information is the New Jersey Law Journal (NJLJ).  You can review a print copy of this publication from the Circulation desk.  (Note: this item is on reserve, so you will be asked to leave a form of ID.)

Rutgers Law Students and Faculty can also review the NJLJ (and similar legal newspapers from other cities and regions) online using Lexis Nexis (*UPDATED: see below).  From the main page, select the heading “News and Business,” then select “Individual Publications,” and then select “N” to find the NJLJ.  This same path will also reveal a link for North Jersey Community Newspapers, which includes over 40 individual publications from all across northern New Jersey.

 is another source for keeping up with the news.  To navigate to New Jersey news sources using Westlaw Next, from the main page, select “News,” then select “New Jersey” to be taken to the list of Newspapers, Wires, Journals & Magazines that Westlaw makes available.  [For Westlaw Classic users, from the main page, select “Directory” from the top banner, then select the “Business and News” heading, and then select the “Business and News: New Jersey” folder to be taken to a list of individual publications.] (Note: the NJLJ is not available through Westlaw.)

UPDATE: To get to from Lexis Advance, select the “Research” tab in the top left of the screen. Research options will drop down. Select “” and follow the directions above.



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