Format of Materials Found in Law Library Catalog

Now that you know how to access materials both in our Law Library and in other Rutgers University & participating libraries, we want to tell you what you can expect.

As you are probably aware, more and more legal materials are being made available online, usually within some commercial database, like Westlaw or HeinOnline.  While not everything within a law library can be found online, likewise, not everything online can be found in a law library.

If a catalog item is available online, there will be a link to connect you to that item online.

Any given catalog entry will tell you where, if available, that item can be found in the library.  The entry will give you the call number and tell you on which floor of the library you will be able to find that call number.  For an increasing number of  materials, there will be an additional entry at the top of the catalog record; above the call number location, you will see “Connect To” followed by a “View Online” link.  By clicking the “view online” link, you will be taken to the electronic version of that item.  For items that are available only through limited-access databases, you will be prompted to use your school- or indivudually-created IDs to log in to view the material.

Written by CDS.


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